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Wills, Trusts, and Probate

To state the obvious, we are all going to die.

While the law has generic rules for the transfer of property (and the custody of orphaned children), these generic rules may not be right for you.

A simple will, or a modestly more sophisticated trust, should plainly state what the person wants done with his or her property or their minor children.

While you can lawfully handwrite your own will (known as a holographic will) or download a form from innumerable websites, you would not have the input from someone who has helped hundreds of people sensibly address issues that may not be readily self-evident.

In writing a client’s will or trust, Rich strives for accuracy, brevity, and common sense.

On occasion, more need be done than drafting a will or trust. Probate includes a broad range of court matters, some of which are mercifully mechanical and some of which are regrettably painful, that a will or trust has not solved. Over his career, Rich has guided clients through both simple and memorably difficult probate proceedings.